Ice Cream Shop - A-Board Pavement Sign


Fresh Bakery - A-Master Pavement Sign



Windmaster - Pavement Sign


Ice Cream Shop - Eco Flex Pavement Sign



Pavement signs, also known as outdoor display boards or forecourt signs are versatile and are one of the most direct forms of advertising for attracting custom to your business and improving your brand awareness. With 70% of purchase decisions made in-store, driving footfall into the store is key for retailers and nothing does that better than targeted high impact poster advertising outside the store. We know that with promotions and advertising, it is all about catching the eye of your audience and constantly reinforcing the idea to find out more about a certain product offering or service. That is exactly what a pavement sign offers you! By opting for a customized pavement sign as part of your marketing campaign, you can inform and draw in crowds to your product!

We offer many different types in various sizes to suit all sidewalk spaces. We stock a range of styles and materials from plastic, steel, aluminium and timber to suit every requirement. Whatever the weather, our range of pavement signs offers an imaginative way of displaying your promotional message. Signs can be supplied plain or with vinyl lettering, as chalkboards, with digitally printed graphics or can come supplied with poster insert panels if you would like to update your message regularly. Our forecourt pavement signs have been designed with extra weight and wind resistance to give you more presence at a garage or vehicle forecourt.

Contact our sales team for more information on the best type of portable pavement sign for your business.


  • Attract Potential Customers Inside
  • Advertise Special Offers or Sales
  • Double Sided Advertising
  • Robust and Weather Resistant
  • Unique Design
  • Successful for Outdoor Campaigns or Events
  • Portable

Ideal Uses

  • Outside an Establishment
  • Outdoor Trade Show
  • On the High-Street
  • Roadside Advertising
  • Shop Sign
  • Outside Restaurant or Pub
  • Footpath Sign

Swinger 2000

Version Panel Size - 500mm x 750mm
Version Poster Display Area - 400mm x 575mm

Swinger 3000

Version Panel Size - 588mm x 917mm
Version Poster Display Area - 488mm x 742mm

Swinger 4000

Version Panel Size - 674mm x 977mm
Version Poster Display Area - 574mm x 822mm

Eco Swinger

Version Panel Size - 430mm x 625mm
Version Poster Display Area - 297mm x 420mm


Chalk Panel Insert Option
3 Sizes with Display Areas for A2, 508mm x 762mm, A1 Posters

Premier Chalk A-Board

Version (Small ) Approx. Display Area - 542mm x 813mm
Version (Large ) Approx. Display Area - 709mm x 1049mm