Built Up Lettering

Very effective and attractive, 3d Built-up signage adds an extra dimension to your fascia or wall making it bright and visible to your potential customers. Built up letters are created using a variety of methods in metal or acrylic. Known as 3D letters or channel letters due to the channel created when a letter face and return are secured together, built-up letters can be illuminated with LEDs from our extensive range of modules to further highlight your premises at night. Halo illuminated lettering produces a soft glow of light which shines from the reverse of the letter. LED lights are positioned inside the casing of the letter or logo, creating a ‘halo’ glow.

Built-up letters are created from a choice of flat faced, rim and return and rimless. Our built-up letters are available in Premium metal, Standard metal and acrylic options depending on project requirements and are used for shop signs, display signs, way finding signs and directional signs.

Metal channel letters can be created in a variety of materials such as aluminium built-up letters, stainless steel built-up letters, copper built-up letters, brass built-up letters and titanium built-up letters with a wide range of material styles including satin, polished and brushed finishes and RAL paint processes.